Master 2
Information and Knowledge Systems Engineering and Management (IKSEM)

Paris, France

Bac + 5

Titre RNCP niveau 7 : MASTER - Méthodes informatiques appliquées à la gestion des entreprises - MIAGE
( code RNCP 31471  -  code diplôme 13532678 )

Group 15

Formation éligible
à la prime de 8000€

Group deliivery

Diploma issued by Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
- Continuous assesment of knowlege, final tests, defense

Paris, France

Rentrée : September 22

Candidatures :
15/03/22 to 01/05/22

Sélection :
02/05/22 to 13/05/22

Entretiens : 24/05/22

Objectif de la formation

The Master 2 MIAGE IKSEM specialty that takes place over a year, aims at training experts in Engineering Information Systems. It provides them with the knowledge and know-how to master new technologies dedicated to companies Information System, master the complexity of decision-making of today and lead the development of the Information System in its environment.


All teaching, course material, Master Thesis, course and pratical/project works shall be in English.


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  • IS consultant
  • Software and Method engineer
  • Requirements engineer
  • Project manager
  • IS architect
  • IS developer

Rythme d’alternance

Contrat d'apprentissage
(ou de professionnalisation
sous conditions)

Parcours alterné de 494 h sur 12 mois

Rythme d’alternance

  • 3 weeks in class
  • 3 weeks in company

Prérequis et admission

  • Candidates must have passed the first year of a Master program Miage. They must have completed 240 credits in the European System
  • They must pass the selection by together University and CFA Afia
  • A minimum TOEIC score of 700 is required or equivalent proficiency in English
  • Formation accessible aux étudiants en situation de handicap


Enseignements Volumes


128 h

Model driven engineering and quality models


ERP Systems


Variability and line of software products


Cloud and Pervasive computing


Business Intelligence

128 h

BI Systems


Data Mining


Constraint reasoning and applications


Data Mining and Big Data


IKS advanced engineering

192 h

Advanced process engineering


Engineering and knowledge management


Enterprise architecture : IT level and business level


IT Quality and Safety


Requirements engineering



46 h

Search method and workshops


Master thesis


Total 494 h


Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne MIAGE

CFA Afia Pierre BOUTECULET 07 81 86 01 45

Group 7

100 %

de taux de réussite


97 %

de taux de placement à la rentrée


95 %

d’insertion pro à 3 mois

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