Irène, une apprentie au sein de DSTI

Publiée le 27/04/2022,
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« Quick and Fast Portrait »

Présentation d'Irène, une apprentie au sein de DSTI qui suit la formation Applied MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Expert en Sciences des Données.

Can you introduce yourself ?

Hello, my name is Irene. I am a Data science student here at DSTI, and I’m following the apprenticeship learning mode.


Can you tell us more about your background before applying at DSTI ?

Before applying at DSTI, I used to have a totally different background. I have a master’s degree in international business, and I used to work in finance and education sector. Eventually I wanted to become a Data Scientist, and that is the reason why I’m here today at DSTI.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship learning mode ?

I chose the apprenticeship learning mode because I believe it’s a great option for me. This benefits my career in many, many ways on Data Science, and this apprenticeship learning mode helps me to apply my current knowledge already in the job. And at the same time, I can improve my technical skills by learning from my mentor and the senior developer at my workplace.

I think the most important factor of this learning mode is that I can accumulate my work and experience while I’m studying.

How did you find your company ?

After being admitted to DSTI, I went to different platforms like LinkedIn, Welcome to the Jungle and Indeed to look for apprenticeship and offers in data science and at the same time, DSTI representative also sent my CV to the partner companies so I had great support from that. I was quite lucky to have another offer. Thanks to the referral from DSTI as well. 

What are the missions you are in charge in your company ?

So I’m currently working at Amadeus as an NPL research apprentice. I’m on a project called Traveler Ideas Trip Travel and my current grow at work, my daily task is to experiment on Data and view natural language processing algorithm to increase the verification automation rate on the platform.

How would you describe your experience at DSTI so far ?

My experience here at DSTI, so far so good is actually better that what I expected. The content of the courses is very rich and very industry focused. 

What are your plans and/or projects after completing the training at DSTI ?

I plan before my study at DSTI, of course, to become a data scientist because AI application nowadays is very common and essential in many, many industries. I don’t want to limit my choice to any particular industry just yet. The more important thing for me is that wherever my future leads me, I would like to be in a part of a team where I can have better exposure to different kind of Data and we can view application that have a great impact, positive impact to human life.


SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS Campus- Data Science – Contrat d’apprentissage à Amadeus – PHAM, Thi Thuy Duyen Irene