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International Student

Looking for an apprenticeship? Our Chargée de Mission Alternance can give you all the advice you need to get on board.

What are the steps to enroll in an apprenticeship? What are the steps to enroll in an apprenticeship?

As a foreign student, there are certain administrative procedures that are essential.

Studying in a foreign country requires discipline and good organization.

Not only do you need to find the right program and the right host company, but it is also important to know all the procedures to be made based on your situation.

Rest assured, the door to apprenticeship is not closed. The CFA Afia provides support and advises in the numerous procedures in order to be prepared to join the program at the institution of your choice and within a host company where the apprenticeship will take place. This path to professional qualification is an opportunity, seize it!

Did you know that there are three categories of foreign students?

  • The country is a member of the European Union
    ⇒ Students have the right to work in France, but they must possess a valid identity document – excluding driving license.
  • The country is outside the European Union
    ⇒ Mandatory procedures with Campus France and the embassy of the student’s country to obtain the right to access French territory.
  • Algerian citizenship
    ⇒ A work permit is required in addition to the residence permit. Check with the DREETS (Regional Directorates for the Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity) in your respective department.


Reminder of the final steps before signing the contact :

Remember to have a health insurance,
Open a bank account in France in your name,
Have a residence permit with the mention « authorized to work ».


⇓ Watch the video for all the details on the steps to follow to pursue an apprenticeship program. ⇓